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  • Wednesday, June 29, 2005

    Pancakes & Banshee Wails

    I've just my very last pancake had, friends, yes, yes, its blueberries freckling its pale surface like whaleheads topping the crestfoam of the blue sea, except the inverse, where color is concerned. Sea & land, friends. I've dropped a lot of acid, which, at my age, pushes a gentleman into a realm unforseen, indeed, wherein I believe the howling monkeys that dot the lush trees here have found me, amplified, intransigent, hungry for pancake. Hungry, indeed, for the pancake, gentlemen. Horses winny. Whinny. Anyway, there seems a green snake. I have come to certain conclusions. Anymore. I've a friend in Berlin to call, I've just remembered, but listen, the important part is that the sheen is glossed over, friends, yes, yes, the positions are firmly entrenched but there is nothing at the soldiers' backs, no rounds in their pockets, no helmets on their heads, see? Ultimately they go one by one & nothing connects the one to the next, & here I mean our adversaries, friends, not politically, but poetically, artisticaly, otherwise, see? Each one an island, each one quaking like the golden leaf of an aspen in the chilly gales of early winter, as scared, as recklessly attached to nomenal disappointments. Ah dear, friends, there is such fragility in defense! Such vulnerability in attack, no? Oh, woeful, woeful, a pestilence & a petulance upon the page, friends. Where now that siren song, that Lycean ditty of yore? La di da di dee do da, friends, or so Kouros would have us sing in moments of gentler repose than these, when time seems the fraught, frayed string of some endlessly plummeting yo-yo, friends, & goodness, the momentum. Halt! Yes, yes, friends, pause, give freeze to the antics, & let go the peripheral, & try at an earnest core. The monkeys wail. I think a storm comes, but in gray clouds I fear I see frequencies. My teeth are silver.


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